Night and day in Toronto

YeeHaa, don’t have to spend all day Monday at Pearson Airport. We leave Vancouver at 5:55 PM and arrive in Toronto at 1:25 AM. I was on line yesterday and thought I would look up hotels in Toronto near the airport, wow are they expensive. So I thought about bed and breakfasts near the airport and found one that was only $58.00 and will pick us up at the airport for $15.00.  Not bad at all actually I’m looking forward to my day in Toronto now. The lady who is our hostess has been in Scotland is interested in telling us about her trip. Both she and her husband sound very hospitable and open. So not only do we not have to spend from 1:30 AM at the airport we can have a sleep in a bed wake up to breakfast and a nice couple to talk to until it is time to check out which will be time to go to back to the airport. They will take us for another $15.00.

Never used Airbnb before, actually wasn’t looking for that either but glad I found it.

Also found out that my nephew and his wife are on the same plane as we are out of Toronto to Glasgow, they are also now booked at the Bruce Hotel for the couple of days to aclimitize our selfs to the time difference and consider what we are going to do until we go to Edinburgh.

Going to be busy for the next few days so may not be writing much until the end of August Hope everyone who reads by site has a great August, I know we will.

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