In 9 days we will fly out of Vancouver to Toronto where we will be spending 11 hours before flying over the Atlantic or the North Pole to Scotland for 3 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for over 2 years. I had decided I wanted to give myself a 75th birthday present by going to Scotland and the Edinburgh Military Tatoo. Okay not only are we going and my nephew is coming to meet his cousins we are going to the Tatoo when our clan is being represented. Something I  didn’t know when I thought about this trip, well I didn’t know that this year was a special year for the Clans. Each night one of the clans will be represented and we will be there for the performance on the night of our Colquhoun Clan Aug 19, 2017, at 7:30 PM. I couldn’t be happier, but there will be a dark cloud over my holiday. The fear that my best friend and my angel will die while I’m away. I leave him in God’s hands knowing he will live for a number of years yet. There is no worry that my Angel will not be here when I get back on the 29th of August.

Copied from the Scotland’s Clans welcomed to the Great Hall. This is the first time the  Clans have been invited into the Castle since the Highland Clans marched to the City of Edinburgh to lay siege to the Castle during the Jacobite uprisings in 1745. In September 1745 more than 900 of the Highland clansmen marched to the City of Edinburgh to lay siege to the Castle. Although they managed to capture Edinburgh and Holyrood, in a hugely symbolic move, they were never successful in capturing the Castle as General Guest, Governor at the time, would not surrender the Castle to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his men.


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