Revelation maybe?

I think I have mentioned that my doctor gave me a prescription for exercise and I’ve been trying to do my half hour walk a day or go to the gym. Haven’t been to the gym since Friday but am going tomorrow. Now I’m promising you that as well as myself. Well last night I went for my walk and went to a wooded area that I used to take my dogs to many years ago. I sat on a cut log and thought about them and how the years had gone by so fast. Here I was old and obese. I got up and hugged a tree and cried for lost youth. I realized while hugging the tree that yes I was three-quarters of a century old but didn’t have to be fat. I could do something about it and I walked further than I had since I started this “exercise” schedule. I was exhausted when I got back but I did feel better mentally if not physically. I went to bed at 11PM not caring about the news and slept until 5AM when I woke up. Then catnapped until about 6:30 when I slept until about 8:30.  I am going to do this.

I have been watching the news to see how the B.C fire situation is going. Central B.C is burning and the fire season is just starting. How does it get so dry so fast since we had a very wet and miserable spring? Most of the wild fires were started by careless people. Yes some were started by lightening but half were people started.


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