Pays to be persistent

I’ve finally, well almost finished with Comwave. After paying for the return of their modem by snail mail and refusing to accept only partial refund we are getting the remainder of the $287.31 back but not the $25.00 for postage. They sent $200.00 refund to Ken’s credit card and B.B.B asked if we were satisfied and I said no. Why should they keep $87.31 when  their modem was returned.

I talked to a woman yesterday afternoon from Comwave who tried to tell me, until I hung up on her why they were keeping the money. I finally said if you must keep the money for no reason that makes sense donate that amount to the B.C. Fire Fund to help with the fire fighting and displaced people. After talking to her, the mail came and the modem came back with refused by Comwave. Made sense I don’t think so. Anyway through e-mails with the same lady today she said they would return the $87.31 and would send something that will more than likely have to be printed and pasted to the package to return it as I said I wasn’t going to pay again to mail it.

Back to my life, hehe, I’m so excited about our trip to Scotland I am counting the days which is only 24 days. Ken doesn’t have his passport yet but they called today there was a phone number missing so with the number given they are going to send it to the printers tomorrow and he should, prayerfully, have it by the 26 of July. 10 days before we leave. If it doesn’t come in time I’m not sure what to do but it will come.

Went to see the doctor yesterday and she gave me a prescription for exercise at least half an hour walking a day and going to the gym 3 times a day. Since it is a request by the doctor I am going to try my best to do it. It will help my health and weight problems.

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