Canada’s 150th Birthday

Wow my country is 150 years old today. Can you imagine what it was like in British Columbia in 1867? That is 10 years before the Small Pox epidemic in Deadwood Dakota Territory. Calamity  Jane was alive then, so was Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill Cody.  They are characters in a novel I wrote about Calamity Jane’s young life to the epidemic where she saved 8 men in the White Rock cabin of Small Pox. We know what was happening in America but what was happening in Canada? The voyagers possibility traveling the rivers of Canada discovering Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I’ll bet the Arctic wasn’t melting as it is now. That was 22 years after the explorer Franklin tried to discover the Northwest Passage.

I feel proud to be a first generation Canadian, my parents immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1909 and 1925. They met through Daddy’s brother who was a young soldier in the Canadian army in the first world war and met Mom through her brothers who were in his division. He told Mom about the lovey country he, his father and brother had come to from the U.S. When her father died she came to Saskatchewan as an R.N. in the Kerobert hospital where she met my father. Now there is five generations of our family in Canada.

Love you family hope you have a wonderful day and year. Happy Birthday Canada

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