Has anyone had experience with Comwave the phone-internet company who advertises land line phone and internet for $49.95 a month?I would like to hear from you. Here is our experience:

We tried to get Comwave internet and phone for the advertised price. But after we registered as new costumers they asked for a void check. Fine any company wants an easy way for you to pay your monthly fee. That way you don’t have to remember to pay, right? Okay within a week they had taken $287.31. Ken said that was because we had declared bankruptcy in 2015 and they wanted this money as security. Later we would get that back he said.  But where in their advertising was there anything about a security amount? No where! Then in Canada Post mail a box comes from Comwave, in it was the modem and something else. No installation fee the add says. Of course not you install it yourself. I wasn’t going to install it and neither was Ken so we contacted them requesting an installer to come  and complete the connection. Nope we could talk to an installer on the phone to tell us how to do it but there was no installer’s available. Nope we were not installers so it sat on the shelf.

We wait, nothing happens then Ken gets an e-mail that they are going to take $115.74 for the first months service payment. What service and what about the $49.95 a month? No one had connected the modem, so I stopped payment on that withdrawal. They contacted Ken to send a credit card number for the money because it bounced at the bank. Yeah I sent them an e-mail that I was stopping payment and wanted to cancel this B.S.  Didn’t listen or don’t read English?

I get an e-mail with you can’t cancel by e-mail phone this number. Okay Ken tries, I try and we get disconnected. Okay I go to the bank to see if I can retrieve the money that way. The teller says no not since they have a void check and can do another withdrawal anytime they want. My best bet is to cancel. I told her we had tried and were disconnected at the number given.  So she tried, she got disconnected as well three times then she got the new costumer number and was answered right away. Why I wonder???  She said who she was and what her costumer wanted, finally after she was transferred 3-4 times they finally asked to speak to her costumer. I was transferred a number of times before convinced some non speaking English person somewhere that all I wanted was to cancel not talk to someone who would tell me how to connect. I even spelled it out so she could be sure to understand what I meant. Oh well we were connected to their service the first of May and owed $115.74 for the month service.  But if we sent back their modem then maybe we would get some of our money back but not the $115.74.

Okay now the question Ken reminded me of when I got  home. How could we have been using their service when we had just paid Telus for our internet and Koodo for our phones? Doesn’t make sense does it? Any way their modem will be returned COD. I’m not paying for anything more for them. I am only sending it back because that may be the only way to get some of our money back. Otherwise it would sit on our shelf until Hell freezes over or someone came and picked it up.

I know this is a long one but I want to get this out to as many people as I  can. Hoping to hear from someone who has dealt with Comwave, good or bad experience.


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