Woops, haven’t been writing for a while

Things happen so fast and the time goes so fast that it has been almost a month since I wrote here. Okay, I’ve been lazy doing other things. Like what you may ask. Well let me tell you. I’ve been writing, editing, okay and playing games instead of writing. But I’ve also been playing with Comwave phone and internet. About three weeks ago we phoned and inquired about their $45.95 a month internet and phone service. An hour and a half later we were a customer of Conwave. But wait! They wanted a void check for a bank account. That was okay, but then they took $286. and cents out of my account. Did they tell us, well Ken said they sent him a notice that because we had gone into bankruptcy in 2015 they needed to be sure there was money in the account. He forgot to tell me as the check was on my account.  A few days later a modem and something else arrived in the mail and a Shaw guy came to check and see if there was a connection for the modem. There was so he went away. We wait and wait for an installer to come but there isn’t one. I send an e-mail requesting when the installer would come and was told we installed it. What we aren’t installers of modems. So I told them that and to send someone to come and install it. Nope, they wanted me phone number, geese they had it that was the number they were going to change. A few days later Ken comes up stairs and says Comwave sent him an e-mail invoice that they would be taking $115.and cents out for the first month payment. What we haven’t had any service so I put a stop payment to the $115. Their television add and their website add saying $45.95 a month for internet and phone with no installation fee is a scam. Okay there is no installation fee because you do it your self, but I had an e-mail this morning saying what the $286 was for, a number of other fees that aren’t mentioned in the adds. I told them I’m going to post on Facebook that they are what Trump calls false truths.  Today’s gripe. hehe What my month as been like later but I wanted to get this off my chest.

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