When I make a mistake I go all out heheh. One set of checks ran out so I opened another one, put it in my check book and wrote checks, three of them. One of the people I sent a check to phoned and said that the check didn’t go through. I was upset to say the least. But I asked for particulars so I  could go to the bank and complain because there was money in the account, but that wasn’t what the returned check said. It said can not trace. She read off to me what was on the check and it was from an old account which wasn’t anymore in a different bank. No wonder didn’t go through. The next time I will not only check the number on the next check but also the name of the bank it is from. I’m never too old to learn a lesson. Just look and see. Hehehe. I was kicking myself for quite a while but thought of the funny side. Something I will never do again.

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