My Mother’s story

I just finished writing my mother’s story. I took the workshop at http://www.mymothers  on line. There are weekly meetings at a church on Thursday nights but I have a commitment Thursday nights so am unable to attend so did it on line.

I never really thought about how much I  don’t know about her life. She told me stories and I asked her many times to put them on a tape but she never did. May 3 this year would have been her 116 birthday if she had lived, but would she really want to be 116 years old? I don’t think so. I know if I had the medical problems she had I wouldn’t want to continue living in a care home having someone taking care of me. The day before she died we had spent the afternoon having tea and I pushed her around outside as it had been a good day, we had a nice time together. The next day my nephew went to see her and found her at lunch time. I was having lunch with a friend and missed his call. When I walked in a while later she had just taken her last breath. It was a shock after the day we had spend together.

I had no idea I would be writing about Mom today but since I took that workshop she has been on my mind. This was not suppose to be a downer for anyone. Maybe because Mother’s day is coming it is a reminder for others to appreciate that they have their mothers still with them. Enjoy her, love her, tell her you lover her, because one day you will be in my shoes where she is only in your memory and mind.

Love you Mom, happy Mother’s day.

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