Learning to Blog

Hehe, yea right, but I am trying to blog the right way so people will come and read what I write. It is like my books on Amazon.com no one has looked at them either so what does it matter what I write here.

I’m trying to get a post on Institute of Children’s Literature for published students of ICL but can’t get the form to accept my pictures of the covers of my books or my name and student number. Oh well maybe with help from ICL it will work.

Okay lets be nice here. When I learn to blog properly you will come and look see what I have written.

I have a manuscript waiting for a publisher to pay me for it not me pay them. I’m also working on a squeal to White Medicine Woman. From her son’s point of view.

Some how I have to get him onto trouble so he can get himself out of it. Maybe I just had a thought. Which might work. yeehaa. Maybe


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